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« My father always tells my mother to lower her voice, even when she isn’t speaking loudly. I think that’s violence. »
Jeremy, 9
« My dad was never wrong… He was always right. »
Jason, 7
« At first, my parents would fight a lot… My mom couldn’t keep fighting with my dad, so she went to her parents. One day, my mom came to pick me and my brother up from school and we went straight to my grandparents. My other brother and sister were already there. That night, my dad threatened my mom that he would call the police. Then, we went to La Maison d’Ariane and I had counselling with a youth worker. She is someone I can trust; someone I can talk to about my feelings and who gives me some tips. »
Hugo, 9
« My dad says mean things to my mom all day long. In the evening, he tries to kiss her, but she doesn’t want to… I get it. »
Pascale, 6
« My dad tells my mom to go ahead and leave, but that he won’t give her a cent. »
Valerie, 12
« At first, my mom’s new boyfriend would yell at her every week. Now, it’s every day. »
Vanessa, 11
« My mom never has any money… Her boyfriend spends it all on beer and she has no money to go have coffee with her friends. »
Bianca, 14