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As our ultimate goal is to help women and children regain power over their lives, advocacy is an important part of the work we do at the shelter. We are there to support and accompany women as they assert their individual rights in a variety of settings. This includes:

Accompaniment to court and legal appointments

Our in-house team can accompany women and children to the Superior Court of Quebec, in either the Family, Criminal or Youth divisions. A team member may also accompany you to an appointment with your lawyer. We also meet with women to help them prepare for a court date or legal appointment, in addition to providing information to both individuals and groups on the judicial system and women’s rights.

Accompaniment to meetings with the DYP

Upon request, a team member can accompany women to meetings with DYP case workers. The purpose of our presence at these meetings is to help women explain the impacts of violence on their role as mothers and on their stability, and explain the protection strategies developed.

Support and accompaniment in the complaint process

Upon request, we can prepare and support women in the filing of domestic violence complaints. Although this is often a difficult process, it is a meaningful way for women to regain control of their lives, and above all, it is an important tool for safeguarding women and children in situations of domestic violence and the post-separation period.