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As part of our mission to help women and children who are victims of domestic violence regain control over their lives, and to campaign for the elimination of this social problem, we, the staff at La Maison d’Ariane, want to share our knowledge related to domestic violence with various partners in the following practice settings: justice, public security, education, health and social services. Upon request, we can prepare and present information, provide training and/or mobilization activities. Here are the forms our prevention and awareness offer can take:

of services

Presenting our services, our approach and our analysis of domestic violence to students in different programs at the college and university level.


Hosting booths for high school students to provide information and awareness of violence in intimate relationships.

Training to workers from
community groups

Offering customized training to workers from community groups and public network partners* who address the issue of domestic violence in their work.


Welcoming interns in nursing sciences, policing and other fields of study whose professional actions include working with women and children who are the victims of domestic violence.