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External and post-shelter services are intended for women and children living in the catchment area of Rivière-du-Nord MRC and northern Mirabel MRC, in particular, Saint-Jérôme, Saint-Hippolyte, Prévost, Sainte-Sophie, Saint-Janvier, Saint-Colomban, Saint-Canut and Sainte-Monique.

24/7 helpline

A 24-7 helpline service for women living in a context of domestic violence, relatives of victims and an information service for professionals.

Group topics

5 thematic groups addressing domestic violence, including socialization, the cycle of violence, victimization, de-victimization and children in situations of domestic violence.

One-on-one meeting

Meeting with a case worker with the goal of devictimization and regaining power, this is offered for women who have not had recourse to shelter. In addition, we offer a follow-up after the shelter in order to pursue the steps and the objectives started during this one.

Accompaniment in the procedures

Support and accompaniment in the process in different contexts such as the Superior Court of Quebec, the Criminal and Penal Division, the Youth Protection Department (DPJ) and other needs.