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La Maison d'Ariane is an independent community organization based in the Rivière-du-Nord and northern Mirabel MRCs. Its mission is to help abused women and children regain power over their lives and advocates to end domestic violence.

Our history

A group of eight socially conscious women decided to open a women’s shelter in Saint-Jérôme after noticing there were few resources for women in the community. They wanted to create a space where victims of domestic violence could get help and support without having to move away from their families, jobs, or children’s school just to be safe.

They worked for nearly three years to make this a reality, with efforts ramping up in the fall of 1984 and winter 1985 and culminating in the letters of incorporation (Charter) on January 29, 1985. The founding pioneers formed a temporary board of directors, comprising: Lise Bastien, Marcelle Bastien, Shirley Ann Leclerc, Céline Nadon, Gyslaine Paquin, Suzanne Varin, Christiane Forget and Marie Campbell Boucher.

January 29, 1985

Incorporation of La Maison d’Ariane

August 12, 1985

Shelter opens with 3 bedrooms

November 1985

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The feminist approach

All our actions, services, assessments and management methods are inspired by the feminist approach.

The feminist approach to domestic violence is grounded in a set of principles that guide our daily actions. Our interventions, in addition to being based on feminist principles, are designed to be non-judgmental, empathetic and to result in the establishment of egalitarian relationships.
The ultimate principle of the feminist approach, and the basis of everything we do, is that: « Women and children can regain power over their lives through solidarity with other women, equality and advocacy for their rights.
To do this, we hold to our 3 « specific » principles:

  • Women and children are not responsible for the violence they suffer.
  • Women have the right to autonomy, respect, and freedom.
  • Women have the potential and skills to lead their lives and make decisions that are in their best interest.

We consider domestic violence to be a social problem – not an individual one – that is a direct result of the historical power imbalance between men and women in relationships.