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Opening March 2025

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Opening March 2025
L’Avenue d'Ariane offers women and their children specialized post-separation domestic violence services. It will provide safe transitional housing and expertise in areas such as devictimization, assessing the dangerousness of a partner, the impacts on women and children who are victims of domestic violence and helping women regain control of their lives. Our aim is to enable women to regain the freedom and autonomy that is so often lost in abusive relationships. The top criterion for admission to second-stage housing is the partner’s dangerousness, assessed using a set of clear risk factors.

Unlike La Maison d'Ariane, which is a short-term response, L'Avenue d'Ariane is a second-stage home that will provide medium- to long-term accommodations designed to keep women and their children safe from potential danger from her ex-intimate partner, which lasts well beyond the break-up. In addition, L'Avenue d'Ariane also offers a diversified basket of services to create a safety net and, together with the individual, will develop concrete, accessible and evolving actions to protect her both during and after her stay. Below is a brief overview of this basket of services:

Women's and mother-child services

  • Individual interventions for women and children
  • Mother and child interventions
  • Accompaniment through the process
  • Group workshops
  • Group activities


  • Confidential address
  • Affordable housing units
  • No discrimination based on migratory status
  • Promoting inclusion for all
  • Taking into account the functional limitations of women and children

External monitoring

  • Public awareness
  • Defending rights
  • Post-housing preparation