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The moment a woman who is the victim of domestic violence decides to end an abusive relationship, she enters the post-separation phase. In these situations, the breakup is unfortunately no guarantee of safety. In fact, the violence can escalate, increasing the risk of serious injury and feminicide and infanticide. Moreover, the following forms of violence often occur in the post-separation phase1 :

  • Violent or non-violent strategies to win back the victim
  • Harassment
  • Violence through legal proceedings
  • Economic violence and willful impoverishment
  • Control via parenting
  • Escalation of physical violence

Despite the adaptation of violent strategies by their ex-partner during separation, it is important for women not to question their decision to end their relationship. Therefore, it is crucial that they have a safe place to go where they can continue to work on regaining their power. L’Avenue d’Ariane is a second stage shelter specializing in post‑separation domestic violence. Our mission is to

  • Provide shelter through safe housing for women with or without children who have decided to leave their violent spouse and who are experiencing post-separation domestic violence.
  • Offer a range of specialized services for post-separation domestic violence to support women throughout their medical and psychological, legal and judicial, economic and financial undertakings, all with a view to empowerment.
  • Offer women and children activities that will help them rebuild their self-esteem and reclaim their full potential.

To achieve these goals2, starting in March 2024, L’Avenue d’Ariane will offer the following services:

  • Individual counselling for women (formal and informal)
  • Individual counselling for each child (formal and informal)
  • Group workshops for women and for children
  • Safe and affordable housing
  • Housing that is suitable for the woman’s situation (disability of the woman/a child)
  • Translation and interpreting
  • Group, community education, cultural or recreational outings
  • Support to women and children during procedures outside the home (court, lawyers, health (medical tests, abortion, etc.), school, immigration, access to social rights, etc.)
  • Specific consultation with other partners on the case (CIUSSS, civil lawyer, criminal lawyer, immigration, DPJ, correctional services, police, etc.)
  • General consultation and activism with other women’s and children’s advocacy groups

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